24 May

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find thoughts on all kinds of things that are on my mind – movies, books, politics, places and all the rest.

A little bit about me. I’m 27 years old and work in international public health. Although born in the US, I was raised in India and so I consider myself Indian more than anything (I’m sure my friends are letting out a big laugh right about now). I’ve lived mainly in the US since 2002, with a few pit stops in Ghana and back in India. I’m now married to a fellow Chennaite, and we call Columbus, OH home. This fall, I will move to Baltimore, MD to begin a PhD program.

What am I interested in? I’m a bit of a news junkie, Indian and the US usually. Reading and cooking are two hobbies I enjoy immensely. Movies, visiting new places, exploring cities, a good conversation, a great cup of coffee – all make me very happy.

I do hope that you all will write in with your feedback and comments. I would love to hear everything that you have to say – what is and isn’t working, what you agree with and disagree with. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good argument, so fire away!

Finally, why One Black Coffee, Please? I was at a total loss for a name – nothing stuck, nothing came to mind. Very recently, I was reminded about an ad from the 90s in India with this line.


This ad makes me smile – every single time. And I had my blog name!

Looking forward to our discussions,



3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Suren Sundaram May 24, 2012 at 1:56 am #

    That ad is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Suren Sundaram May 24, 2012 at 1:57 am #

    Boo to moderating comments!

    • veenasriram May 24, 2012 at 3:08 am #

      Haha, it’s been corrected!

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