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Election Mood Swings

11 Oct

I find myself in wild mood swings when thinking about the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. This is definitely a far cry from how I felt in 2008, but up until a few months ago, nothing really bothered me about it. I just figured there would be more clarity and precision as the election neared.

Here I am in October, less than a month away from Election Day, more confused than ever. There is no doubt in my mind who I will vote for (hope springs eternal). But something about this entire campaign rings false to me, and that’s even harder to swallow given the numbers of people who truly care about change for this country.

Let’s consider the debate for a moment. I personally did not find Obama’s performance bad. I actually thought he had some great lines and made excellent points. However, after reading Maureen Dowd’s excellent Op-Ed today, a few pieces clicked in my head.

I realized that we all want him to succeed so much, that we excuse a lot of his behavior. And yes, it is true that there are many solid justifications for why things have not gone 100% right in his first term. That does not excuse, however, an inability to communicate your vision. It says a lot when you need to call in Bill Clinton (close to four years after you have been elected) to provide the most lucid description of your policies to date.

I am probably drinking the kool-aid in terms of how the media is spinning this entire story. However, the repeated nature of this communication problem makes it that much more intolerable. As a supporter, I can excuse a lot of these challenges during the campaign. I will not accept it during his next term.

Something tells me that Obama will turn it around in just a few months. Which brings me full circle to 2008 and the word that stirred an entire generation to action – hope.